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21st-Century View of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism

21st-Century View of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism

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A 21st Century View of the 7 Principles by minister Barry Oates


The Seven Principles, which have their origins in the mediumship and inspiration of Spiritualist Pioneer Emma Hardinge Britten, have formed the bedrock of our religious philosophy for well over a century. They have clearly stood the test of time, which has enabled a contemporary pioneer to take a new look at their impact today. 


The Union is excited to launch “A 21st-Century View of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism”. This is a new, short but engaging book by Honorary Vice-President of the SNU Minister Barry Oates. Many will recognise Barry’s name as a co-author of other SNU publications, “The Religion of Spiritualism” and “The Philosophy of Spiritualism”, both mainstays on many of our bookshelves.  The book aims to revitalise our understanding of the Seven Principles and encourage deeper thought about them. In particular, this will be of interest to those who are new to Spiritualism but to the rest of us it provides food for new thought. He relates his concerns that our Principles shouldn’t be a list of statements that we recite in a mechanical way but, rather, a dynamic collection of values that work together to provide a window into our lives, both spiritually and materially.


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