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Pioneers of Spiritualism

Pioneers of Spiritualism

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 Pioneers of Spiritualism

This pack of cards is to be used as an aid to attunement by focusing on the Pioneer on the card and understanding his or her particular method of connection to spirit; the user will find they are able to deliver evidence of the continued existence of life beyond physical death in a way specific to the Pioneer chosen.


Allow your mind to seek inspiration relevant to the Pioneer you have chosen and let the spirit world do the rest. If we do not ask for help, then the spirit world cannot offer it.


These cards are another example of ‘Spirit in Action’; they offer respect for our Pioneers and for each other, both through our personal responsibility and our brotherhood of humankind. They offer peace and healing by giving help to those seeking a connection and evolution in the way we find to deliver that aid, by using new ideas and allowing change to happen in our organisation to keep pace with a changing world.

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